MEET THE MAKER: Carol Farnum


Friends, Meet Carol Farnum: Artist and Mom. Carol is a co-conspirator and founder of Art Nerd Club a group that meets once a month at Art Coop, Inc. in Urbana. She is also a member International Society of Acrylic Painters and has had her work up for Sky Gallery, 2014, MTD Art, 2017 and she won the Arts Impact Award, Champaign Park District 2016. Ooof, right? Thats just the tip of the iceberg with this lady. We’re proud to have her mini’s paintings here at the shop and cant wait to to see what else she will bring us.

Tell us your story and why you make.

In this modern day of technology, we are all so disconnected from each other. But  even more importantly–from ourselves. I hope that in my work people will feel something. Anything. And they may not even realize my work has affected them until they’re sitting in traffic or having a conversation with a friend or walking their dog. I hope maybe my work will spark a memory for them, or a “good” feeling or a “bad” feeling…anything at all. If we can reconnect with ourselves in a way that we listen to what’s happening in our own heads we learn to trust…ourselves first and each other second.

If my work can help people feel something then that really is everything, because that’s where the human condition starts.

What do you make and HOW do you do it with a toddler in the house?

To boil it down to basics, I make abstracts. I am a painter and I would paint anything I can get my hands on because it is just how I experience the world, and how I attempt to explain how I process the world. Currently I am focused on painting large pieces on raw canvas, miniature mixed media pieces, and because I am a skater in a previous incarnation of myself, the occasional skatedeck. 

I am also a mom, so being self employed is a challenge. I don't think there's any formula for balancing having kids at home and having my studio in our home. Definitely I think having my studio in house is easier in a lot of ways, because I can mold my practice around the needs of my family. It also creates challenges, but in general, working at home affords me the flexibility I need to ebb and flow with the needs of my family. I do think that working at home provides learning opportunities for my kids, and they are all very creative so that's fun to watch!

What importance does ART play in our community?

I truly and deeply believe in the power of public art, that it can and does ignite things in people. Maybe it makes them feel happy because it's a lovely, colorful mural or billboard. Maybe they've had a crummy day and that shade of orange or yellow was just what they needed (even if they didn't consciously recognize that!). Maybe it's a more provocative painting or sculpture that deals with social issues and leads them to think about why they think what they do, or to consider another point of view. Ultimately, art in the community helps us have a sense of ownership and strengthens ties to our communities--provides us all with a common ground, no matter what walk of life we come from.

What is your favorite treat at The Hop?

My favorite treat at the Hop?? REALLY!??  I absolutely ADORE Kaya's cakes. I love to ogle them. The artistry is MAGNIFICENT; each one is like it's own painting.  However, my favorite thing to eat is macarons. The colors! Also, nom nom nom.