MEET THE MAKER: Lindsey Elaine Kirk

Lindsey will be joining us from 10-2 August 10th for a One Stop Stamp Shop! Join us!


Tell us about yourself and your practice!
I'm a metalsmith by trade and have been since 2011. I co-owned a shop in Decatur with my mom/biz partner for five years until we recently decided that we actually have a lot more fun travelling Central Illinois and we wanted to make more time for that. So my primary creative passion is forging art jewelry using lots of different metals and stones and tools, but my super fun side hustle is the One Stop Pop-Up Stamp Shop. When I had a shop, a lot of people came to me wanting really minimal and simplistic items made quickly and affordably, and I didn't do custom orders at the time. But I had this epiphany to make a whole separate thing out of it where I wouldn't have to mess with the back and forth and the shipping and the invoices of orders! I had a good friend and really talented woodworker create this custom mini jeweler's bench on skateboard wheels for me and I've been wheeling around Central Illinois making stamped jewelry for two years.

You do a lot of pop-ups, what is your favorite thing about setting up a temporary shop?

Okay, I'll be truly honest here. I love the customers and creating their stuff, but my FAVORITE thing is having a legitimate excuse to explore businesses I've never been to or that I don't get a chance to patronize often enough! Small business is my biggest passion, so scheduling stamping events forces me to make time to explore and hopefully help bring new or more customers to small businesses in and around my area.

What is coolest/most awesome/hilarious thing you’ve stamped for someone?

I have stamped so many things. SO. MANY. THINGS. Memorial jewelry always stands out to me just because of the emotional connection. Being able to give someone a constant reminder of a loved one is really cool. And I always love the super snarky or inappropriate things that people request that I won't repeat here. What happens at the stamping bench stays at the stamping bench.

4 what’s your favorite goodie at Hopscotch?

Actually I haven't been yet! But I'm SOOOO excited to go! I creeped on soc med and saw macaroons though. So I'm definitely gonna have to bring some of those home. And probably lots of other stuff.