Let's talk: Buttercream!


I will be the first to admit that I know very little about cakes. Kaya has all the cake knowledge in her noggin and since I trust her tastebuds why would I ever need to know the details? (We also have an amazing team back there too, so you know if that it’s not Kaya making your cake it’s someone else who is exhibiting the same amount of care and thoughtfulness with every step.) Well, it’s time for me to learn something about the kitchen and why not start with what makes our cakes beautiful and tasty: buttercream.

What kind of buttercream do we use? Why?

Kaya: We use two types of buttercream: Swiss and American -- Swiss is made with a meringue base so it is not as sweet or heavy. American buttercream is just a blend of powdered sugar and butter.

How do we flavor our buttercream?

We use natural flavors like roasted strawberries, ground pistachios, vanilla beans, or cordials like our elderflower buttercream that was on the Royal Wedding cake!

What makes our buttercream different?

We make it fresh and use it at once. It is not going to be cloyingly sweet or heavy - buttercream also allows for a shiny and striking look on cake sides.

Why buttercream over fondant or cream cheese frostings?

Buttercream is both delicious and beautiful. We specialize in the use of buttercream over fondant for its classic yet unfussy look - and no need to peel it off before consuming. We do use cream cheese icing for fillings, but in order to get the Hopscotch “look” it requires more structure than cream cheese icing has - as it can look weepy and soft.

cake care card.jpg

We want you to have the best buttercream experience - so we include a care card with every cake purchase. A care card might seem silly for a cake however we want our cakes to be enjoyed with the same amount of love and thought we put in to them.