Lisa Kesler is a painter, printmaker and illustrator. She is also a bad-ass - most recently, she kickstarted a campaign to fund bringing a press into her studio. She offers workshops and classes at her studio in Tolono, but she will be teaching a valentine’s day workshop at the Hop this Friday!


You have had a career many artisans could only dream of, what would be on the highlight reel? 

Every time I see my work in a public space it is a special thrill for me because I know it was chosen to be seen my many, many people and to improve their day in some tiny way. 

HOLY SHIT, you have a press now! Now what??? 

Well, to a printmaker, the addition of a Vandercook press to their studio is a huge game-changer. I reached out to the community for support to help me acquire my vintage letterpress recently. It will allow me to print larger images faster and with more consistency. I will be able to print fine art prints or commercial work, like posters, and to teach workshops and educate interested visitors about the history of graphic design and the printed word. 

You teach a plethora of classes, of all skill levels - what is your teaching philosophy?

I want to give people a place to explore their creative side and get the satisfaction that we all feel when we create something with our own hands. My workshop students range from beginners to professional artists. Beginners enjoy the camaraderie of working on a project alongside friends and experienced artists like to step outside of their usual routine and try a new medium or learn a new skill. 

What is your favorite treat at The Hop?  

Cupcakes are always my favorite. Anything with nuts and/or chocolate!