Art. Coffee. Cakes. Paper.

Some may think the these four things aren’t related, but—in fact—my very life revolves around these four things. Well, technically, it also revolves around my giant white floofers of a dog, my two fluffy cats who are both weighing way past the “average”, and my best friend who is also my husband. So, like most human beings, it revolves around a lot of different things. 

My life is a mash up of creative practices from painting a still life to building sculptures too big for me. It is also feeding my body with a healthy dose of caffeine, eating a generous amount of sugar while working at Hopscotch Bakery, getting my hands dirty working at Fresh Press Paper studio making agri-fiber paper, and spending quality time with my fluffy friends. I truly believe life is not only about just one thing you can do, or pursuing one career—it is learning about yourself but it’s also about what you want to learn; or, to put it eloquently—to learn whatever the hell you want. 

Right now, I want to learn more about art, coffee, cakes, and paper but tomorrow might bring something new. The possibilities are endless. What I know for sure is that I’ve found good things and good people in the small town of Champaign-Urbana so I may just stick around for a little while longer.