2018, you were great!

I’s hard to sit down and truly reflect during the holiday season. We’re swamped here, obviously, fueling your shopping trips and family gatherings - so taking a minute to take a deep breath and remember what has made our first (calendar) year here so magical has been almost an afterthought. We are in awe and in thanks for the thousands of customers and patrons that make this place home to us.

This past year we have been privileged to be a part with Boneyard Art Festival in collaboration with Southside Elementary School. We will be participating in Boneyard again this year! We also had the honor or hosting Gather for Good, a marketplace that is committed to giving 10% back to local charities.

Sugar addicts unite! You guys ate 4,273 macarons, 6,191 cupcakes, 15,653 cookies, 1,014 cakes and drank 4,164 fancy drinks. We hosted 20+ workshops, dinners, and pop-ups. We also added 5 new employees and a wedding coordinator to our team!

We made a few updates to building, adding a second awning to the bakery door, flower hangers and picnic benches to the backyard (yes! we have a backyard!!!).

Thank you, Champaign-Urbana and beyond, for supporting and loving us.

Cheers to a New Year!

All our love,