Boneyard: South Side + Hopscotch


After we leased the building and before we started an inkling of construction, we spent a lot of time daydreaming about how we wanted the shop to have an impact on our community. So many of those daydreams have come true and the one we hold dearest to our heart is the collaboration we have with South Side Elementary School students every year for Boneyard Art Festival. Our ongoing commitment to hosting the 1st, 3rd and 5th graders in the shop during the festival allows for every student to participate as the years go on. (I know as a young artist, I would have cherished and marveled at being a part of a real-life art festival. Maybe that is why it is so important to us, we’re celebrating little daydreamers too.)

A huge shout-out to Amy Lozar, South Side’s art teacher, who runs a pretty awesome program - with out her willingness to participate and enthusiasm for dessert this ongoing project wouldn’t be possible.

Boneyard Art Festival takes place April 4th through the 7th. 5th grade South Sider’s work will be visible during drop off Thursday morning and will stay up through the weekend, weather permitting. Younger student’s work will be up in the shop Thursday and for the following weeks after the festival.

For more information about 40 North and the Boneyard Art Festival, please visit and!