Fall is around the corner...

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Labor day! The day we unofficially welcome fall back in to our lives. Is there anything really better than fall? Sweaters, savory treats, our world changing colors. Here at The Hop, we are transitioning in to our favorite season with a new fancy drink menu.

LUXARDO COFFEE COLA espresso - Luxardo cherry syrup

One shot of espresso with Luxardo Cherry syrup, sparkly* water with a cherry garnish!

STRAWBERRY BASIL LEMONADE fresh strawberry basil puree -  house-made lemonade

Locally grown basil and strawberry puree mixed with our in-house lemonade garnished with fresh basil.

PIÑA COLADA FIZZ pineapple - coconut milk

A roasted fresh pineapple puree + fresh lime zest mixed with fizzy* and coconut milk with of course, a mini parasol.

CUCUMBER FENNEL SPRITZ cucumber - fennel - ginger - apple cider vinegar

Pureed cucumber (from Prairie Erth Farms) fennel ginger and lime zest with sparkly* water nasturtium leaf garnish

ROSEMARY BEET LATTE rosemary syrup - beet powder - Malawi black tea - milk

A tea latte, with beet powder and a rosemary simple syrup - served hot!


*House carbonated filtered water. 

Cucumber Fennel Spritz

Cucumber Fennel Spritz

Rosemary Beet Latte

Rosemary Beet Latte