Our friend, Matthis is having a pop-up with us on November 1st from 1-5! We wanted to introduce him to you, but you probably already know him - he is famous for Plant Mode (inside Furniture Lounge) and having some (if not the) coolest plants in the Champaign-Urbana area.

Tell us about Plant Mode and how it got started.

I had worked at Modern Home and Garden shop in Chicago called Sprout Home, I worked there for almost 9 years and I loved it. I left that job for a job in Hawaii, that job wasn’t really going to work out so I thought I’d move back to my hometown and give a plant shop a go. Plant Mode started as a Pop Up shop out of my apartment in downtown Champaign. After having a Pop Up inside of Furniture Lounge around the holiday season, Scott and Amanda asked what I thought about planting Plant Mode inside of Furniture Lounge, and that’s really what got things off the ground for me.

How does ‘shop local’ play in to your business?

Well, some of my plants are sourced here in Champaign County, but a good chunk of the rare, unique stuff comes from a greenhouse up north. I make planters from concrete and plant things up in them, a couple of my vendors are local makers. I’d love to get move non plant product in the shop. When I worked at Sprout Home it was fun to stock the shop with fun home goods. When my shop grows up we will get more into that. I also believe in planting into anything, I’m big into re use recycle, so you might find a little jade tree planted into a tin can, and guess what... it’s a planter folks. Might not be fancy, but it’s a planter. So trying to take a dent out of the local landfill is a part of Plant Mode philosophy for sure.

Why are plants so freaking awesome?

Plants are awesome because if you give them a little love, they give you back a lot. They can remove toxins from our homes and workplaces, they can provide oxygen to your environment, and what i live most about plants.... they show you how much they care for you and appreciate your help by providing growth, growth that you made happen. I have met many proud plant parents, and converted many folks that claimed to be plant killers. I think people are surprised by how easy it can be with the right information.

My favorite treat from the Hop.... 

Salted caramel brownie, game over.