Employee Spotlight: Lauren

Greetings, friends! As I experience life and learn more about who I am, there are a few things I am sure of. For starters, I’m Lauren. I’ve lived all 18 years of my life in Champaign, Urbana. This community is home and I’ve grown to love these roots. 

 In this phase of my life, I am learning. Learning more every day about coffee, art, people, pastries…the list goes on. Most of all, I’ve learnt that time is fleeting, and each moment brings new experiences. My most favorite, over the last year, has been working at the Hop. Its walls have become like a home and it’s people like family. It has inspired me to pursue my passions and work hard. 

 While I’m not making your coffee or serving you your favorite pastry, I’m building a creative platform with some of my best friends called “Flourish”. It’s been a dream of mine, over the years, to start a blog. Once graduation hit, I put ideas to paper. We’re passionate to see young women flourish and through story, photography, and video we hope to inspire just that. 

 You could say I have a “niche” for travel as well. In January, I’m moving to beautiful Sydney Australia, where I’ll be studying for the next three years.  

That’s all for me, folks! 

XO Lauren