Do you know Mrs. Emily? You should - she’s pretty amazing. She has spent the last 8 years preaching that fashion can bring confidence and self-love to your life. That message is inspiring and I couldn’t tell you how many times I have texted her an outfit before I go and do something ‘big’. (She also helped me pick out my unconventional wedding dress - because that’s the kind of friend she is.) We are so very excited to have her at the shop for a pop-up November 24th from 12-4 on Small Business Saturday.

1. Tell us about Mrs. Emily and how you got started. 

Hi, I’m Emily Harris! 8 years ago I started selling handmade clothing on my website, I was living in NYC at the time and the plan was to build my business alongside being a mama and wife. 

To say there have been twists and turns in my journey would be a massive understatement. I went a couple of years without sewing at all somewhere in the middle there. Discouragement in my process has led to inspiration in my designing, and this past April, I added handmade skirts back to the shop. 

2. What does shop local mean to you?

Shopping local is about finding one-of-a-kind treasures. Things you can’t find anywhere else made by people you can’t find anywhere else. There’s nothing quite like it.

3. You’ve recently started a new Instagram chronicling your new jean wears, what is the importance of this?

I spent $100 on a pair of denim and I’m documenting each time I wear them. I want to show how spending more per item helps us find pieces we love rather than just like, which naturally clears our closets of clutter while upping our confidence. I also want to show how I can afford things at a higher price point by wearing them often, so each time I post, I add the cost per wear, which keeps going down. You can follow along at

4. What is your favorite goodie at the shop?

The. Pumpkin. Cookies. I buy them whenever I see them, often in multiples. Everyone I give one to gasps. And I love that when Kaya talks about them, she says how they’re almost healthy because they don’t have THAT much sugar in them and there’s so much pumpkin ;). I have half of one downstairs currently, and now need to go eat it (I ate the other half for breakfast).

5. What are you bringing to the pop up?

Every winter, I make scarves. But I’ve been sewing a ton of skirts lately, so when it came time to start designing scarves, my brain was still in skirt mode. The result? Skirts made out of blanket-weight fabrics. They’re warm and cozy like a scarf, but feminine and wearable. 

I’m bringing different lengths and sizes, and will be able to tailor the skirt on you, at the pop up.

I will also have the fabrics I picked up last time I was in NYC, so you can choose one and I will make a skirt custom for you. This Zebra print is one of those fabrics. See how I dressed it up and down? It’s the same concept as my $100 jeans. Buy something you love and wear it all the time for every occasion! 

6. Where can I find you online?

I love documenting the process of creating on Instagram ( and Facebook (! You can shop my tees and caps online at