Thanksgiving + Pie

Let's just start by saying, I. Love. Pie. I cannot conceive of a world without pie. Well, I can, but it makes me sad. While I love consuming pie, I rarely make it on a large scale, or for a regular Hopscotch item. Thanksgiving is a special time. A special pie time.

For this year's festivities, I've decided to offer a selection of my three favorite pies. Apple rosemary crumb. A buttery flakey crust with a fresh rosemary and apple compote topped with a buttery oatmeal crumb. A smooth pumpkin custard pie with just the right amount of spice, and an extra dash of black pepper and cardamom in a dark graham cracker crust. My new favorite pie- honey buttermilk. A rich honey flavor in a buttermilk custard that is baked in a flaky butter crust and topped with sea salt. 

Each of these will be for sale for $25 each. They come in a vintage pan that you can keep, and hopefully use again. No tin foil, here! I hate how temporary and unloved store bought pies can look and feel, with their plastic crunchy top and their thin foil bottom that you can never really bake an adequate sized custard in. 

If you'd like to order one for local distribution you can email me at