Breakfast at the Tate Estate

Sunday mornings are usually reserved for sleeping in and eating breakfast together. Mornings around here are pretty hectic because, well, we are definitely not morning type people. If coffee makes it into a cup before work, that's considered serious fore thought.  We buy our favorite coffee (sorry intelligentsia, stumptown, etc. lovers) from a small roastery in Memphis called J.Brooks. They ship us a few pounds of coffee per month, but our favorite is Bootleg. We found them in a shop in Memphis called Trolley Stop Market. Check it out if you're ever there. 

Travis usually listens to his basketball podcasts and chuckles to himself, quite loudly at who knows what, while making coffee and messing around with Gus & Stranger. We almost never have a plan for any meal we make, which makes our grocery shopping purchases seem sometimes strange and led only by how hungry we are at that moment, and what could potentially sound good. Or a bruised sale. 


While the markets have ended for us, we did have a constant supply of produce from being at the markets twice per week. Traci or Clay from Sola Gratia would hand over bruised veggies, or simply trade for shortbread. This left us with a lot of peppers, potatoes, greens, and the other abundance of veggies grown about a half a mile from us. Eggs are usually supplied by neighbors from their chickens.  Scrambles are a part of almost every week. It's a quick and easy way to use up produce and eggs and is always delicious. Travis is the king of the scramble. 

Breakfast Scramble : 11.01.15

6 eggs

1 T butter

1 leek 

1 garlic clove

1 hot pepper

2 handfuls of spinach

1/4 c cheese ( we used sharp cheddar)

Cook the leeks in with the butter and garlic until caramelized, add in all eggs and cook slow and low to scramble. After they are 90% finished, add pepper, cheese, & spinach. 


Happy Sunday! Oh! And don't forget daylight savings is today! Plus, how amazing does it feel outside today?

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