Wedding Highlight : Andy + Talia

Photograph by Rachael Schiriano

Photograph by Rachael Schiriano

Even though I'm not related to anyone in this wedding, and have only known the bride and groom a short time, I get teary eyed every time I look at their photos from their wedding day. A perfect example of classic and timeless is portrayed with each photo, each design element, and each surrounding.The whole event reminds me of a Jane Austen story. 

I'm sure a lot of this has to do with the bride's vision for the day- and the endless planning that went into it, but the eye of their photographer, Rachel Schiriano, is key to capturing all of it. Andy and Talia are entranced by each other throughout the whole day and you can feel it being around them and their families.

Every once in a while we get to be a part of these amazing events that are truly the highlight of what we do. Thank you Andy + Talia for letting Hopscotch be a part of your vision. 

Planner: Gwen Wilson

Florist: Flowers by Kristine

Dessert: Hopscotch Cakes and Confections

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Allerton Park

Music: Erik Swanson

Bride’s Dress: Watters from BHLDN

Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Jenny Yoo

Groom’s Suit: Banana Republic

Calligraphy: Letters from Lindsey

Stationary: Alexa Nelson Prints

To view the rest of the photos click here.

Photograph by Rachael Schiriano

Photograph by Rachael Schiriano

Photograph by Rachel Schiriano
Photograph by Rachael Schiriano. Desserts by Hopscotch

Photograph by Rachael Schiriano. Desserts by Hopscotch

Photograph by Rachael Schiriano. Desserts by Hopscotch

Photograph by Rachael Schiriano. Desserts by Hopscotch

Photograph by Rachael Schiriano. Desserts by Hopscotch

Photograph by Rachel Schiriano

XO, Kaya

Our sweet building and why we chose it

Since starting in 2015, we knew that Hopscotch would need a building one day that could accommodate baking needs, but also we wanted something that could allow us to grow, be a part of a real neighborhood and make a difference in the community. Opening inside Art Mart was a big step towards the right direction, but It was an extra bonus when we found these things and a landlord that believed in our project (because fostering relationships with other local businesses is a must, but more on that in a later post). 

Building hunting is tough, you can't just jump on Zillow to look for property. With the help of an observant friend, we soon stumbled across 802 West John Street. The building is situated right in the heart of old town Champaign. Kitty-corner from Southside Elementary School and to the east of that is the administration office for Unit 4 schools, the Mellon Building. South of these buildings there are baseball fields, where nearly everyone we know played farm league as a kid. 

802 West John Street has been a corner market sine 1937, with the first being Gallions; a grocery store that had produce, meats and most importantly, candy.  The old timers tell us that after school they would walk over to the store to pick up penny candy and ice cream (yo-yo demonstrations too).  After Gallions, in 1964, came Kelsey’s who carried on with the tradition of grocery delivery and corner market. Rumor has it Mr. Kelsey was known for giving candy away. 

Since 1970 the location has been Ms. Winnifred Sanders' dietary shop. In the early '70s and '80s she provided dietary needs for an underserved community. She has kept the store up and running since 2015, when she decided to retire. To read more about the dietary store, click here.  The building went up for sale and Jeff Wampler purchased it, being from the neighborhood, hoping to keep the corner store  tradition alive. 

To honor the stores before us, we are going to reuse the vintage ice cream cooler and the candy case.  Unfortunately, the ice cream cooler is past its prime and will not be used for ice cream (bummer) BUT it (and the candy case) will be used to display authentic handmade goods from some of our amazing local vendors.

We will be the fourth business that has set up shop there - and although we haven’t officially moved in, I daydream about coming back in 40 years from now to find another corner market has set up shop. Hopefully by that time we’ve made an impact the way the stores before us did.  

Love, Kelly