Grapefruit-Butterscotch Sauce

Grapefruit-Butterscotch Sauce

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A Hopscotch signature product. This toasted sugar sauce takes the traditional butterscotch formula and adds a generous dose of sea salt, fresh cream, our own bourbon soaked vanilla beans, and, of course, fresh grapefruit zest. Our sauce is warm, buttery, and includes a citrus kick that will surprise you with its complexity in every spoonful. 

Made in: Illinois, USA
Made of : Brown sugar, cream, butter, sea salt, vanilla bean seeds, black strap molasses, grapefruit, rum. 

Size: 8 oz jar

Our Favorite ways to consume :

Stir it into your morning coffee

Spoon it onto fresh peaches 

Pour it onto a warm cake

Shake it onto vanilla ice cream