Vanilla Bean Extract Kit

Vanilla Bean Extract Kit



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Vanilla extract is expensive and finding the right vanilla can make the difference between a bland baked good and one that really stands out. Make your desserts stand out with your own vanilla extract.

This kit includes one glass bottle with a beautifully designed label and  hang-tag that will look lovely on your counter while it infuses, three split Bourbon vanilla beans and detailed instructions along with a place to add the date you started infusing your vanilla. 

How does it work? It's actually very easy. All you do is fill the bottle with vodka, bourbon, or rum and shake it regularly and within six to twelve months (twelve gives you the fullest flavor but you start getting a strong flavor after six) you have a rich tasting vanilla extract that will leave you wondering why you ever used store-bought.

These kits are perfect for the cook/ baker on your gift list, a splurge for yourself or an educational culinary science project for the family.