Like you, we care about how the goods we buy were made and about who made them. By choosing a local business that heeds transparency in all ingredients, you can make a difference, know that your goods were made ethically, and that your purchase supports a greater cause. To Hopscotch, that means using real butter, never margarine. Real cream, and never fake substitutes. Real products made by us by hand and never bought in to display as our own.


Because Hopscotch uses from-scratch ingredients and hand make every item, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece is unique, just like your event. Your personality and your style reflect what your desserts should be. We have a certain style and aesthetic that is original to us, and recognizable in the piping and decorating techniques we use. 


Starting in 2015, Hopscotch began selling custom cakes to friends and family.  Branching out later to sell at local farmers markets. We have always worked with our local neighborhood and community in mind by using Kilgus cream, Hodgson Mill and Severson Farms flours and oats, local apples from Prairie Fruits Farms and blueberries picked just 20 minutes away. We have done collaborative work with Watson's Shack & Rail, Art Mart,  Art Theatre CoOp, and Willow Creek farm just to name a few. 

Made in Champaign-Urbana.